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I hope you all enjoy Friendly Friends!!!You have been a nice person is it not?


Hello Friendly Friends,Awesome Friends or BFF,these arts are made by AWESOME INCREDIBLE and TALENTED ARTIST!Also, don't worry!arts are always beautiful and awesome by those who are proud of them so don't be shy and draw us what you love.Bye!~<3




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Qurrata Ain Bt Abdul Kahar
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I am just an ordinary student so I want a lot of friends!Oh, and when i mean a lot is that i really want a LOT of friendly friends!!!

I heard Pokemon are very popular so I decided to draw some!Also Zero is one of my fav reploid!!!I can draw anything I wanna is it not?AND...Marvel vs Capcom 3!!!I just love playing it!!!Alright,I guess that's all I can say...Oops!!!Oh yeah and Digimon!!!

Okay,let's see here.I also wanna know if this place is alright cause I'll try anything to try and impressed you all!Drawing is so much FUN!!!:):):):):):):):):):):).And I really want to try draw a lot of arts so just wait Friendly Friends!

Also...You all ARE AWESOME!!!!I LOVE YOU GUYS!ALL THE COMMENT!ALL THE WATCH,FRIENDS AND FAVS....I'M....SOOO HAPPY!!!!I hope we'll be awesome buddies Okey Dokey Lokey?:):):)


:iconcyndaquilplz:~Enjoy Friendly Friends! :iconiloveyouplz: :hug: :D :) ;) :icondragonhugplz: :iconsneakhugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconletmehugyouplz:

Fav Pokemons!!!:love: :heart: :love:


:iconbrofistplz:~From Malaysia!!!

:icondragonhug: :icondragonglomp: :icondragonshyplz:

:iconpinkiepieplz: SMILE!!!

Why Friends are AWESOME!!!

If you feel alone and often think you're not needed in this world,don't give up!There WILL be someone who loves and care about you.Never give up life.Life is the most precious thing.Also,if you have no friends...he,he...I believe you dudes will find each other soon :).I once never had one.But when I was in trouble...There will be someone who will come and help you.Friends are people who will always help ya out and will never betray you no mater what.So come on.Some of you might be reading this will have a lot of good friends.Friends are like really important to us all.Stop commenting you don't have one or you'll never have one.It won't help a nice to people.They might be an awesome friends to you ^^.Be happy.If you hate someone destroy that hate.It will mean nothing.Also,friends will always put a smile on your face...

:iconkawasakiblitzer:~He's my first friend here.He always makes me smile ^-^.He has a good heart and an awesome spirit.I feel sooo happy to have met him.He even is one of the most awesome friends who made me an art for my birthday.He's such an awesome friend to have.So if you are reading this dear friend,thank you for being my BFF.

:iconryhka:~She's a very kind and gentle person.Her PokeSona is Psyduck.I just LOVE that Pokemon he,he!She often makes my heart warm and always in an awesome mood to chat^^.Her arts are awesome too!

:iconthelonelydieno:~Ha,ha know here's our awesome friend.She's sooo awesome at drawing Pokemon with Digital art ^^.I think her PokeSona's in love with Flaring he,he!Speaking of him...

:iconflaringblaze:~AN EPIC AND ENERGETIC FRIEND!He's soooo cool!Jarno's really friendly to everyone.Good heart.Arts:AWESOME!His PokeSona Flaring might have a crush on Lonely^0^.You guys should totally check his gallery.

:iconthemysterygamer:Man she's one EPIC person!She's like one of the most awesome artist I've ever seen!Her arts are soooo awesome and epic!PokeSona:an ADORABLE Pikachu!!!Yeah!!!She also made me an EPIC masterpiece for my birthday.It's sooo adorable.She's always there when I need her.I'm sooo happy we met Samantha.

:iconcinnamoncreampuff:~Ha,ha!Man I'm really happy to have met her.she's such an epic friend!she also helped me to link stuff.I owe him^^.I just LOVE rp with her since she's always in an awesome mood to chat and her drawings are EPIC!!!

:iconlucariogirl22:~A long best friend of mine.She's awesome at animating stuff!I LOVE HER ARTS!She's soooo cool!You can go check her gallery!I'm sure you'll be smiling in no time or you can be her friend^^.Have fun!

:icondes-rookie:~he's such a kind person.If you have the time,come watch him cuz he's an awesome bro.I just LOVE he's arts.He must have work a lot to do them and I love his spirit.Also,if you are reading this,THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THE ART!!!Sniff...of all stuff you made an awesome art for me bro.Your awesome...

:iconbillark:~I met her in real life bros.She's beautiful and an awesome bff of my sis.She's soooo kind and awesome!!!And yup her arts are just AMAZING!!!!I love wolf creatures.I draw like hundreds of them!!!But...I don't know how to put them here.She's also an epic friend.:D:D:D:D:D.And she LOVES Fire-Types.Like me^^.

:iconblack0eternity:~SHE'S EPIC!!!Her drawing skills are far better than mine and I LOVE EM!!!All of her arts are just sooo KAWAII!!!!She's soooo awesome at painting stuff^^.Have an epic time my friend.We met at Poke-Coast.She's such a caring person^^.

:iconprince-fenick:~I...LOVE...ALL...OF...HER...ARTS!!!!!She's soooooooo awesome!!!Her arts of ponies and pokemon are sooo amazing!!!I LOVE her art style!!!!And her Pokemon at Poke-Coast is sooooo awesome!!!Her design is EPICNESS OVERLOAD!!!!

:iconreshiramguy15:~I'll never forget him...He's soooo kind and I LOVE HIS ARTS!!!He's awesome!Epic!His Poke-Sona is an Umbreon.He even gave me an Umbreon as a pet.Her name is Hikoshi.He's such a kind bro.

:iconfantasticbabydance:~she's my most cherished friend!We are classmates bro!!!HOW COOL IS THAT?!She is also awesome at drawing!I love her arts!Her muro are far better than mine!She's also beautiful and kind!She helps a lot of people!I'm so glad we've met!

:iconmerlindi:~She's an awesome beginner and artist!I always have a lot of trouble for a 100 views but she's like poof!She is a very talented and skilled artist!^^.I LOVE HER DRAWINGS!!!She's also very kind and awesome!If you are reading this friend,thank you sooo much for all the favs!You're EPIC!!!

:iconmarriland:~He's my inspiration!!!!!!!!HE'S AWESOME WITH HIS VIDEOS!Awesome job friend!You're ana wesome artist too!Aww man,awesome videos bro if ya reading this.Anyway,I LOVE HIS LOVE FOR HIS POKEMON.Also,he never SWEAR!That's a first!I love his commentary!Good job and I hope ya feeling a okay bro!

Mah Pokemons!!!:):):)




:iconcyndaquilplz:~Also,why not be friendly friends?It would be awesome!!!^^
I'll continue my studies...I won't forget all of you...bye-bye...sniff...
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  • Reading: Math stuff...And science...
  • Watching: PBG&#039;s Videos
  • Playing: Study bro
  • Eating: Food^^
  • Drinking: Water

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